Pride Cometh Before the Fall…

strong faith

Personal Blog Post from May 25, 2011~ “You’re Going to Prove Me Wrong” - Seriously I couldn’t help but smile at hearing those words out of the psychiatrist’s mouth today.  He was thrilled with how well our oldest is doing. He had told me in all his … [Continue reading]

I thought I had everything figured out… May 2011

worth it

Personal Blog post written May 15, 2011.   That was 2 and a half years ago.  We're still looking for solutions and answers.  I thought I had everything figured out.  I thought our trial was ending... Oh how naive I was... it was just beginning. We … [Continue reading]

The Calm Before the Storm or Have the Winds Ceased?


Most nights when my head finally hits the pillow I fall sound asleep within minutes.  Tonight I am unable to sleep.   The past couple of months (or more accurately years) have been so full of daily ups and downs. I've been in flight or fight mode for … [Continue reading]

Panic Attacks

Panic attack warning.

I've never had a panic attack.  Never even come close but I've experienced them from the outside looking. February 10, 2011 - my son had his first panic attack.  It was late, about 1 am.  He had been trying to fall asleep and couldn't.  He became … [Continue reading]

Come What May and Love It!

come what may

This is a talk that I have loved since Elder Wirthlin gave it 5 years ago.   When I was young I loved playing sports, and I have many fond memories of those days. But not all of them are pleasant. I remember one day after my football team … [Continue reading]

Sleep (or the lack thereof)


Once viewed only as symptoms, sleep problems may actually contribute to psychiatric disorders. Americans are notoriously sleep deprived, but those with psychiatric conditions are even more likely to be yawning or groggy during the day. Chronic … [Continue reading]

Triggers & Causes


I think it's totally normal to wonder why? What causes mental illness? Could we have done something to prevent it? Or is it simply genetic predisposition and completely out of our hands? Is it reversible? What role does diet, exercise, sleep, … [Continue reading]

“There should be no more shame in acknowledging them…”


I live with mental illness. There I've said it.... finally! And although it may not be me personally who has the illness I live with it and am affected by it on a very personal level every single day because it is one of my children who suffers … [Continue reading]

Like a Broken Vessel by Jeffrey R. Holland

Like a Broken Vessel by Jeffery R. Holland (reposted from The Apostle Peter wrote that disciples of Jesus Christ are to have “compassion one of another.”1 In that spirit I wish to speak to those who suffer from some form of mental illness … [Continue reading]