Natural Alternative Attempts

In March 2011 my son was started on his first medication.  I was bound and determined to get him off of it so I started researching.

Through the past 2.5 years I feel like I’ve exhausted nearly every alternative that we can afford.

Here are a few of the things we have tried with varying degrees of success and failures:


An obvious place to start.  The Standard American Diet… devoid of fresh fruit and vegetable and full of processed foods there aren’t many who will argue that it’s missing something.  We’ve studied and tried several different diets. I’ve learned to make yogurt and keifer, fermented vegetables, made soups and stews, gone dairy & gluten free, diced and chopped and pealed and blended and worn myself out to where I never want to step foot in the kitchen again.

Gluten Free

Casein Free

GAPS – Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Anti-Inflammation Diet

Body Ecology Diet

Allergy Elimination Diets

Eat to Live

Omni Diet

It was expensive and time consuming and ultimately we quit doing nearly everything we tried.  I’m not saying there isn’t an answer in one of these approaches, there very well may be one but we’ve not found it yet.


Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Supplements, Essential Oils

You name it we have likely tried it.  For the proof here are a few photos:

bucket of supplements

 One of several containers of vitamins I have.  They all don’t fit in my vitamin cupboard.

vitamin cupboard

 My vitamin/medicine cupboard in my kitchen.  Just a fraction of what I have purchased/tried.

I love essential oils.  We’ve tried a lot of them.


My fireplace mantel.  The stuff we use often seems to always find its way here.  My house often looks more like a sick room than anything else.


I’ve read and read and read….


And research and researched and researched….

And tried multiple alternative solutions…

Orthomolecular Treatments


Cranial Sacral Massage


Chelation for Heavy Metals

Energy Work

We’ve taken trips to see specialist in Salt Lake, Las Vegas and Arizona. We’ve consulted with specialists living everywhere from California to Texas to Illinois to the UK.  We’ve visited with therapists and social workers, counselors and psychologists.

Of course everything alternative is not covered by insurance so it comes out of our pocket.  Nothing is cheap. But how can you not keep searching and trying to find an answer.

We might be back to calling me naive or thinking that I’m looking at the world through those rose colored glasses I love to wear but I know there is an answer out there.  And I’ll keep looking for it because my son is worth it and deserves to live a productive, happy life.  I won’t give up on him.  I will keep fighting until we find it.