The Rest of the Story… Break a Leg

In June of last year I broke my leg. I posted a little about it on my book blog because I was unable to get my scheduled posts up.

June 5th Post:

I fell yesterday and broke both bones in my leg just above my ankle last night and had to have surgery. I am in the hospital and thus unable to get any posts up.

June 7th Post:

I’ve struggled to get this post up because I’ve been in the hospital. I haven’t had any computer access so I’m sorry this is late!

I’m reading the book Cinder by Marissa Meyer right now. It seems like an appropriate book to offer for giveaway as I’m feeling a little cyborg like with all the titanium that is now a permanent part of me.



My own leg reminds me a lot of the cover of Cinder!



For the most part that was all I shared publicly about my injury.

Here is the rest of the story…


You are going to have to forgive how I look in this picture.  My brother took this picture last month outside the doors to the emergency room.  It had been a long 24 hours prior to this picture being taken and I’d had no sleep and no shower. Make up, food and clean clothes had not hit the top of my priority list that day.

My son had just compulsively walked/ran 56 miles without taking food and water with him. I had finally gotten him to the hospital and my brother had come to pick up my daughter who was with us. He asked where I had broken my leg and I “posed” for a picture which he titled “Break a Leg” when he sent it to me.

break a leg

Many know that last summer I broke my leg while taking my son to the hospital. April & May of 2012 were rough for my son. He had done well the beginning of the year but by Mid-April it was like a switch had flipped and things were not going well. We struggled to get him to finish up school. When summer break came things did not improve. We were working with a couple doctors but things were getting worse instead of better.  He was not sleeping and his anxieties were high.

On Sunday June 3rd we had asked our family and friends to fast with us on behalf of Brett.  That night he did not sleep at all.

By Monday afternoon I was worried as he just wasn’t right.  The medication we gave him seemed to have had the opposite effect of what it should have done and amped him up instead of bringing him down. I looked at him and noticed one eye was dilated and the other was not.  It didn’t matter if we changed the lighting it remained that way and it concerned me.  I called the doctor for his advice which was “I hate to say it but I really think you need to take him into the hospital”.

So my husband and I loaded him into the car and got him to the emergency room.  My husband ran on ahead and told them we were bringing my son in who needed immediate attention then came back to the car to help me get my son inside.

We got him inside the main doors of the emergency room and the double doors opened with staff who were coming to take him back to a room.  It freaked him out to see so many people coming towards him and he turned and ran out the doors into the foyer where this picture was taken.  My husband was on one side of him and I on the other.  Unfortunately because he had passed through the main entry doors of the hospital and he was no longer considered in the emergency room of the hospital so the staff couldn’t help us.  They told us their policy stated they couldn’t intervene until we had him back in the actual hospital. So we attempted to get him to come with us the few feet we needed him to move forward to be inside the hospital so they could help him.  He tried to turn and run towards the car and as we held on to his arms we all went down in a heap.  I was on top but had broken both bones in my leg.  It was a total accident, one which I still don’t understand how it happened. One of my friends once told someone my son had broken my leg and I about freaked upon hearing that.  It’s probably the reason I’ve hesitated sharing the story because I would never want anyone to blame my son for my broken leg.  He’s blamed himself enough as it is.

So there we were, the three of us on the ground with my bones sticking out of my leg just above my ankle.  My son was distraught that I had been hurt and was asking if he had broken my leg.  Hospital policy no longer applied and we had tons of help.  Staff came to help me into a wheelchair and I remember saying I’m fine, it’s just a broken leg, help my son first.  I was not in any pain and my only concern was that my son be taken care of.  My leg would heal but I didn’t know what was going to happen with him.

They insisted and got me into a wheelchair and once I was assured my son was safe they wheeled me back into the emergency room. If you are going to break a leg the entry way to the emergency room is the perfect place to do it. I had the best possible care quicker than you can imagine.  I had so much adrenalin in my system that the only time I really felt the pain was when they had to pull my leg back into place to put a splint on it.

I insisted my husband stay with our son and take care of his needs.  He was eventually settled and sleeping.  I was taken into surgery later that night and by just after midnight had a permanent rod in my leg and a long recovery ahead of me.

A totally funny story.  I was sitting with the anesthesiologist just about to go back into surgery when they realized that they had not run a required pregnancy test prior to surgery.  Was there any chance I could be pregnant?  I assure them it was impossible unless there had been some sort of miraculous immaculate conception as Aunt Flo had just left and there had been no contact since her visit.  I had managed to embarrass both my husband and the anesthesiologist but it was not good enough so I had the joy of having to use a bed pan so a pregnancy test could be run as my word wasn’t good enough.  By then the adrenalin had long since worn off and the movement required to get a bed pan in place was far from pleasant with a broken leg. Guess you had to have been there cause it’s not nearly as funny in the retelling of it.

Thankfully surgery went well and I found myself recovering in the hospital room right next to my son’s.  I would be heading home the next day but it would be 5 weeks before my son would finally be home to stay.

For the record there are a couple hospital policies that seriously need to be changed!


  1. I am sorry you’ve had such a rough time. I hope both you and your son are now doing better. From the photo, it looks as though your leg healed well; I hope so!

  2. Broken Vessel says:

    Yep – my leg has totally healed, just a couple scars but I’m basically back to how I was.

  3. I have no clue how I stumbled over here from the book blog but I can’t help but laugh at how you broke your leg. God is so funny sometimes! It’s almost as if he said “mama, you need to calm down and I’m going to make you!” I am happy you healed and since this is an older post I hope your son is still doing well. I am not sure exactly what his diagnosis is but I have PTSD with anxiety and depression and I know how unbearable the weight of the world can feel. A good day a lot of the time is when I don’t feel bad, happiness is something that scares me because I know how quickly it can be taken away. I will pray for your son and for your family as a whole because after all, God is the ultimate healer!